The Novo Method is a state-of-the-art system to get healthy and build your perfect body. Celebrity trainer Stu Schaefer guides you step-by-step through his detailed curriculum that will allow you to create the body of your dreams.

The Novo Method

Q: How do you know if a plan is good?
A: It Gets Results...

Get the plan that gives you results every time - guaranteed!

5 jam-packed videos that will give you all of the information and tools to get the results you've been looking for... Absolutely Free!

You'll learn the 3-stage success formula:

The Novo Method Step 1
Get The Correct Eating Plan For Your Starting Point And Goals
The Novo Method Step 1
Get The Right Weight-Training & Cardio Program To Reach Your Goals
The Novo Method Step 1
Identify And Overcome Your Mental & Emotional Blocks

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This Is the Same Program Used by Models, Celebrities, And Fitness Professionals ... And Has Over 15 Years Of Proven Results!

Celebrity Trainer & Life Coach Stu Schaefer, takes you step-by-step through everything you'll need to know to succeed:

  • How To Build A Successful Nutrition Plan
  • How To Create A Success Schedule
  • How To Design A Winning Weight Training Program
  • The Mental Traps That Cause 99% Of People To Fail
  • What To Do If You Don't Have Much Time
  • And Much More!

You'll receive Stu's special video curriculum where he guides you over the course of 7 days. Each video is jam-packed with powerful tools and secrets from Stu's 15-years of experience.

You'll also receive over 70 pages of lessons that reveal exactly how you can Bring Back The Body You Know Will Turn Heads. Now you'll gain the RIGHT knowledge in a step-by-step fashion so that you will succeed.

This is the Guide You've Been Waiting For!

Don’t risk failing at another program and wasting valuable time. Join hundreds of people who were able to get rid of unwanted body fat

Stage 1 - Nutrition

Here, Stu explains the 4 components of nutrition, then teaches you how to create a perfect plan for your personal lifestyle.

You'll learn :

  • What Foods to Eat... and Which Foods Seem Healthy, but Really Aren't
  • How Much of Each Food to Eat
  • How to Combine the Right Foods Together
  • When to Eat Certain Foods and Avoid Others
  • And How to Design Your Own Meal Plan... No Matter What Your Lifestyle is Like!

Stage 2 - Weights/ Cardio

Get ready to learn how to perfectly blend the most effective weight-training and cardio programs together for fast and fun results!

You'll learn :

  • How, When, and Why to do cardio a very specific way (and why most people are doing it completely wrong)
  • How to design the best weight training program for your specific goals
  • How to combine both weights and cardio to create fast results

Stage 3 - Mental & Emotional

This step is the critical step that most people skip. Knowing what to do is only half of the process... you must also know what mental & emotional blocks prevent you from doing what you know is best (or self sabotaging).

You'll learn :

  • The 3 most damaging blocks that 99% of people have
  • How to identify your own hidden blocks
  • How to overcome any blocks
  • And and easy, 2-minute process that will launch you forward!

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Here's What Others Are Saying:
Actual Clients - Your Results May Vary

At 40 years of age, I had gradually fallen out of shape. Diet or exercise had never been an issue before.

Stu got me eating healthier without any effort. And showed me how to make good decisions while still having a normal life.

I lost 20 pounds of fat in 4 weeks. I never felt like I was depriving myself or starving. It’s really not as hard as most people think.

~ Emily - Highlands Ranch, CO

I had been neglecting myself and my health.

Stu helped me re-organized my life. As my eating and exercise became more consistent, I regained so much energy that I never realized I had lost.

I lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle in just over 16 weeks.

~ Bret - Littleton, CO

I had been complaining about being overweight for years. Working with Stu was one of the best decisions in my life.

He taught me how to eat right and use exercise effectively. I lost over 40 pounds in just 16 weeks. And I feel much better physically and mentally also.

~ Steph - Castle Rock, CO

I didn't realize how out of shape I actually was until I saw my before picture...

Once I started working with Stu, I was able to combine my nutrition, weights, and cardio correctly.

I lost 25 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle in just over 8 weeks.

~ Justin - Castle Rock, CO

I had given up. I weighed 156 pounds even after fasting. I couldn’t get under 150. I tried to diet but failed twice in three months.

My cholesterol was 287 – and I worried about heart disease.

Eight weeks in with Stu and my cholesterol dropped 30 points, I cut my triglycerides in half, and I lost about 40 pounds of fat and eight inches off my waist.

If I could do this at 50 years of age, anybody can if they are committed.

~ Suzanne - Lone Tree, CO

Other diet programs required me to buy their supplement or take their products, but I just ended up gaining all the weight back and then some.

Stu educated me as to the real reasons I was gaining weight and having trouble with my nutrition. It all seemed pretty simple.

I lost 20 pounds of fat in 8 weeks, and I learned that I could do it without any gimmicks or supplements.

~Chris - Sedalia, CO

With all the stresses of family, work, and body changes over the years, I let myself go. Poor food choices, along with fast foods, left me bloated and overweight.

With Stu’s program, and changing my choices about diet and exercise, I lost 30 pounds of fat and 6 inches off my waist in just 16 weeks.

I am very grateful to Stu. His knowledge has helped to create the lifestyle I knew was possible.

~ Jake - Lone Tree, CO

One day I saw a picture of myself and realized I was out of shape. My energy was low and I couldn’t do the things I wanted to - like hiking or biking.

Stu explained the program how I’d arrived at my current condition. But it wasn’t that hard to change.

I lost 40 pounds in just 12 weeks! When I saw my before and after picture I realized I had really transformed.

~ Elizabeth - Larkspur, CO

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